Long ago, the only way to get into the stock market and make market transactions was to pick up the phone and try to contract a stock broker. But with the advent of the internet, stock market investors found it easier to perform transactions with just a few clicks on the computer. Even if online trading offers a lot of convenience, it also gives a number of inherent risks.

In this article, we’re going to tackle some of the biggest downsides of online trading that everybody should pay attention to if they want to be good at it.


Just like performing any other kinds of financial transactions, online trading also gives some security risks. In spite of the security guards that online trading sites take, there’s really no guarantee that a hacker won’t find a way to get into your account and steal your account and steal your sensitive and vital financial information.

If your online trading account is huge, then you are at risk of losing a tremendous amount of money. You have to make sure that you choose a unique account password, and it will really help if you change it frequently.

Technical Difficulties

Technical difficulties on-site can cause delays in the transaction, leading to unintended and unpleasant outcomes. You may think that you have purchased a stock for a specific price, but a technical failure may have negated that transaction.

By the time the dust settles and when the smoke clears, the stock price may have increased. As a result, you end up paying more for the stock than you have initially intended. When trying to find an online broker, it’s better to check into what safeguards it offers for your protection if this type of incident occurs.

After-Hour Woes

Online traders usually do their thing when the market has closed for the day. Traders perform the transactions using electronic communications networks, or ECN. Buyer and seller are matched via computer systems on this platform.

There are many downsides to trading after-hours. Suchd drawbacks can include price volatility and lesser ability to act upon present quotes. There will also be tighter and more competition against professional brokers.

It’s also possible to problematize liquidity, since you may not be able to convert your stocks to cash quickly if you ever find yourself in the need to that.

Trading Noise

Online trading is very conducive to the spawning of online chat rooms and forums. Traders use these places to “meet,” talk to each other, and exchange information. However, these places can also be one hell of a breeding ground for rumor, misinformation, and others. It may also be used to spread false or misdirected stock tips to both rookie and experienced investors.

It is therefore very much important to do some research any information that you find from different chat rooms or forums before you start taking action based on a recommendation from someone you met online.  Sometimes, ignoring things you see on these web places would even be the smartest action you can take.

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