eFormula exposed – Aidan Booth’s lucrative business model

Aidan Booth is a big name in the world of online marketing. As co-founder of several successful businesses like 7 Figure Franchise, 100K Factory, and Digital Marketer, Booth has established himself as an authority for aspiring digital entrepreneurs. But Booth’s most popular money-making model is his training program, eFormula. The eFormula system promises to teach students how to create highly profitable niche sites and e-commerce stores from scratch. 

The core of the eFormula system is a 10-week online training program. Through recorded video modules and downloadable resources, Aidan Booth walks students through the step-by-step process of identifying profitable niches, building monetized websites, driving targeted traffic, and scaling up earnings. The training focuses on two main business models:

  1. Affiliate websites

Also known as “authority sites,” these niche sites aim to rank highly in search engines for specific topics. They generate income through affiliate programs by promoting relevant products.

  1. eCommerce stores 

eFormula teaches how to set up small Shopify stores selling digital or physical products in a specialty market. Students drive traffic through ads and optimize for conversions.

The program also offers advanced coaching, exclusive tools, a supportive community forum, and lifetime access to all updates. Together, these components provide a comprehensive framework for building successful online businesses.

What’s behind eFormula’s lucrative model?  

So what exactly makes the eFormula system so profitable, both for its members and creator? 

  1. Laser targeted audience

Aidan Booth excels at marketing to aspiring online entrepreneurs who are hungry for money-making guidance. His focus on realistic ideas with true profit potential attracts an engaged audience willing to pay premium prices.

  1. Recurring passive income strategies

The program mostly promotes business models that earn income passively over time. This allows students to eventually step back while profits roll in automatically. Niche sites and e-commerce stores with the right setup earn for years with minimal maintenance.

  1. High perceived value

For its $997 price tag, eFormula offers tremendous perceived value. The depth of training, tools, and support makes this seem like far more than an online course. Positive reviews praising substantial earnings provide social proof that greatly influences purchase decisions.

  1. Huge upsell opportunities 

Aidan Booth’s eformula review and bonus offer strategically pitches multiple upsell offers to those already in his sales funnel. From priority support packages to large-scale coaching programs, these backend offers allow his company to generate 6-7 figures in additional revenue through a single flagship product. 

eFormula’s foundation provides tremendous inherent value in program sales alone. Meanwhile, Booth leans on savvy marketing and upselling tactics to extract even higher lifetime value from his customer base. This potent combination makes eFormula an extremely lucrative model, evidenced by over $10 million in sales in just its first year. With a polished high-ticket flagship offer, strategically pitched upsells, and a focus on evergreen income strategies, it’s easy to see why eFormula has become a cash cow for Aidan Booth.


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